Building a MAME cab

The webpage is a Work In Progress (WIP)
so I will add to the page as updates are made.

Things to consider when dreaming of that
really cool arcade cabinet you saw that you
just have to have!

1. Research

A. Cabinet: Prefab Vs. Building your own
B. Control Panel
C. Interface
D. Computer
E. Monitor: TV Vs. Actual Game /PC monitor
F. Side Art (if not painted or natural)
G. Marquee

2. Make Plans

A. Is this a project you can afford?
B. Is this a project you feel you can finish?
C. Do you have all the right tools?
D. What style you want: Upright or Tabletop
E. Where will your finished cab go

3. Shopping List

4. Order Parts

5. Setup a good workspace

6. Schedule work time

7. Have patience

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